Monday, June 7, 2010

Saiduzzaman sikder
Prof: dr. laura Tannebuam.

Status and class discrimination.
Status is the things that shape society. It creates the discrimination. When we look to the society we can see the different kind of class still exist. The society divided them into Upper class, middle class and lower class. A person from upper classes he thinks hi is superior and the discrimination start form there. There is another kind of status difference we can see in the immigration. In this field the discrimination is very intense. We forget our humanity when the immigration status came to us. The people from our society want to keep their status by any cost; as a result they start the discrimination. They faced economical and social pressure to keep their status.
In the article from NY Times “when the joneses wear the jeans” by Jennifer Staienhauar may 29. 2005 write about how the American people are fighting to keep maintain their status. as she wrote in he article” fully 81 percent of Americans said they had felt social pressure to buy high-priced goods.” The American people to maintain their class identity, they wear expansive dress and lifestyle. According to the article they use This is an America of $130,000 Hummers and $12,000 mother-baby diamond tennis bracelet sets, of $600 jeans, $800 haircuts and slick new magazines advertising $400 bottles of wine. According to the American Personal Chef Association, they are taking ever more exotic vacations, often in private planes. They visit plastic surgeons and dermatologists for costly and frequent cosmetic procedures. And they are sending their children to $400-an-hour math tutors, summer camps at French chateaus and crash courses on managing money. They send their kids to expensive private school. Those kids get the idea that they r the superior then other ordinary public school in their mind. As a result the racism and discrimination start from their childhood.
The upper class people live .in a luxurious apartment. We can see the discriminated everywhere in our society. It starts from home and spread out through the nation. In the Terkel interview “Door man” We see Fritz Ritter says in his interview that “when the house was high class, the tenants look down on me. When they used to see me on the street they’d make believe they did not know me. There was a restaurant in here. I used to go there once in while, they’d make believe they didn’t see you” (127). He worked 41 years in this same building but he cannot think it is better way. The high class tenant was making the class difference there. They do not like to know him in the street but they spend a long time in the same building. If they treats like this way, how their child going to be learn from them. Here we can see the discrimination start from status. The upper class people ignore the lower class people. In spite of spending long time to each other they can not remove this distance between them. The upper class people might be thinks that if they talk each other in the street or restaurant, it could be reducing their status or standard. They never think how the .person feels when they see each other everyday in their won apartment but never talk in the restaurant. It can be make the person heart breeding. I think in our society, discrimination start from his won house and fall a great impact in the society as well as in the job field.
Status is a great problem in the job or work place. People suffer many ways because of discrimination. Some time the status changed a person behavior. The person who did a good job, he has a great dignity in their won local area. But when they went to the work, place the total picture becomes changed. The boss started to discriminate them. When, it is come to customer service job than it becomes worse. In a pharmacy like Duane Reade or CVS, every time the sales person has to ask every customer some same question. The question is “do you have club card”. If I say no, maximum time they never asked me to do one. It is like schedule asking. It seems to me as a alienation of work. The management knows that it’s annoying but they want them to say. But when the manager used to a cashier, he/she had complain about it. But now their behaviors got changed. Another example I saw in the Terkel inter view with the Airline stewardess, how the behaviors change when they know their status is greater than others. This status change people behavior. Their demand becomes change. As Terry mason says in the Terkell’s interview “ these people think they are great, paying for more, and want more, Also I get tired of coach passengers asking for something that he thinks he’s first-class passenger.(45). Inside the plan they are superior then other. As a result their expectation becomes higher. But when they are inside the lobby of the airport they were treated as like as the economy passenger. In the Airport lobby, they do not show their extra expectation. But, when they enter inside the board, they change themselves. They know that they are different from other people. They are spending more, the have to get more. This kind of example takes me a question that is status creates the discrimination.

When we talk about the status in respect of immigration and the race, it takes us to, the nation wide controversy. Recent Arizona immigration law shows how this immigrant status can ruin people life. The states police asked the citizen suspecting them as illegal immigrant. Their target is immigrants from different race, but, if they see a person with blond hair and blue eyes Canadian tourist, they are not asking their status. These status things dividing the world. When it comes to racial status, the discrimination is very obvious in the US. It was started at the beginning of the history of the US. A kid for his racial status get discriminated from his childhood. We see in early 1940 the he discrimination was even in the school. The white students were get more benefit, from the black student. This people never think about they are kids so let them grew up with nice environment. As I see in the Richard Lieberman interview with Daisy Kinard says that there were two bus for ,white kids but one for black student but maximum time it was broken down. Where the future of the nation was the student but the authority teaches them to discarnate the black people for their color. I also get some evidence in the daily news article name “Cops’ frisk policy is out of control: It creates a climate of distrust in minority neighborhoods” by Rav AL Sharpton where he said to us how people are suffering for discrimination for racial status. The article says that “the Latino and Black new Yorker wear nine times more likely to stopped by police than white”. this story shows us how the discrimination is going on our society.
To keep a good status is very good things and it will helpful for society. People will feel the inspiration to mobilize themselves from one class to other. It will make people to motivate to do some thing greater. But if the status create the discrimination and one get into higher class, start to discriminate to other it will be bad for entire society. To finish the discrimination, we have to find out the root of racism, and discrimination. We have to fight together against the discrimination.

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